The Philippines: The Prime Location for BPO’s

January 15, 2019

Through the years, the Philippines has been steadily performing well in terms of economic growth due to the major contributions from the BPO industry.  In the recently concluded 2018 Tholons Services Globalization Index, the country moved up in ranking as it placed 2nd in the “Top 50 Digital Nations”. In terms of the “Top 100 Cities”, Manila move up to 2nd place, from 4th place.


FourE-Com Center

FourE-Com Center

(now leasing, handover date Q4 2019)


According to Tholons, the Philippines has a 96% total literacy rate, making it ideal for foreign investment. A true testament to this is that the country is the undisputed leader in customer service and BPM. It is also home to major multinational corporations and GICs.


Sta. Rosa

SM City Sta. Rosa

But aside from Manila, other key cities have also proven to be more than ready for digitally-inclined businesses. Moving up in the 2018 Tholons Services Globalization City Index are Cebu in 12th place, Davao in 75th, Santa Rosa in Laguna at 87th, and Iloilo at 92nd place.

IloiloSM Strata (Iloilo)


SM City Davao

With  Fortune 500 companies and industry-leaders making moves to hold offices in the Bay Area, the Philippines can expect even higher economic growth in the future. Furthermore, current infrastructures are being improved to further sustain the economic growth—making the Philippines a prime location for foreign investors looking for opportunities